My car only recognises USB MTB mode .My Mac only recognises MSCmode…how do I load my own iTunes albums onto the Sansa Clip + so that they play in the car?
I also have a windows PC and have had no problem with windows player but I am finding I Tunes frustrating.can anyone help

Well, that’s how Apple sells dopI players.

I’m not in the Apple world but I Googled itunes MTP and this software came up.

Looks like you can try a free version. I’m not endorsing. There’s probably other software out there too.

On the Clip you’d probably have to go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and choose MTP. Otherwise AutoDetect will probably flip it into MSC when you connect to the Mac.

Thanks for your help. I will give it a go

You may want to explore specialized software to transfer files from a Mac, such as Hidden Cleaner (freeware) and KopyMac (also freeware; may no longer be easy to find)–Macs (and Apple) can make it difficult to tranfer files to non-Apple devices, and these software programs can make it a breeze; they come highly recommended.