Micro SDHC card shows up on computer but Fuze doesn't show songs

I have an 8GB fuze with an 8GB Kingston SDHC card.  Without warning, the Fuze no longer shows the songs that are on the card.  However, when I plug the Fuze into my computer I can see the card with all the songs on it.  I suppose I have no choice but to reformat and try again (something I need to do at least twice a month due to recurring problems - this is my second Fuze and neither seems reliable) - is there any alternative?

Thanks for the advice. 

Maybe try a SanDisk brand microSDHC card?

Others have reported compatibilty issues with the Kingston brand, but up to now it seemed limited to videos.

Thanks Tapeworm.  I’ve had this card for 8 months and it’s never had a problem, whereas my Fuze(s) have had many problems, so I suspect the latter, especially because the card shows up fine and operates normally when connected to my computer.

Did the songs ever show up on the Fuze?

If not, the problem may be the ID3 tags.

That’s how the Fuze knows how to list them. If you have a whole bunch of Unknown songs, ID3 tags are definitely the problem. 

But with recent firmware, you should still be able to find songs via Folder navigation. 

EDIT: By the way, you should not have to reformat constantly.

Where are you getting your files? Do you look at their ID3 files before putting them on? 

The Fuze is particular about its tags, and ones it doesn’t like can cause all sorts of trouble. 

Read about mp3tag in the FAQ link above and use it. Set the Write default  to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 and run each new album through that. For a folder of mp3 files, you should have an option (listed below Search… on my computer) to open the folder with mp3tag. 

Highlight all the files, use the Auto-Numbering Wizard under Tools with Leading zeroes to make sure the tracks play in order, Save,  and you’ll have good tags in about 10 seconds per album. See if that keeps it running smoother.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t rule out a hardware problem. But you’d be amazed how well a typical Fuze runs with tags it likes. 

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