Micro SD Card is invisible drive

Hello, i have been trying to get my micro sd card to work without success.

Smartphone does not read and when i put on pc it shows the drive, but it is kinda invisible(kinda opacity). If i try to right click and format, it says to insert disk and try again. If i try to enter it says the same.

I went to computer management and i see it only the letter of the drive there. I have changed drive letter to see if it works, but nothing.

I have tried to read this micro sd in 2 different computers with 2 different micro sd to usb adaptors.

Also tried some programs that format those cards (SDFormatter V4.0) but he does not find the micro sd so can´t format.

In terms of “software” i think i did everything possible, or most of it. Is there anything that i can do in terms of hardware related to fix. Or any idea that i might have missed?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Sounds like a faulty card. I would retrun it to where you bought it, or contact SanDisk directlyabout a warranty replacement.