Macbook. Sata 1 except sata 2, no optic drive

Hi, I have Macbook with NVidia MCP79 and Extreme SSD with r211 (not m-one) firmware. The problem is that I have only SATA 1 (150 mb/s) speed, instead  of SATA 2 (300 mb/s). As far as I’m concerned, I need to install r211m firmaware, but the problem is, that I have no optic drive in MacBook.

I need your help.

Thank you

And will it work, if I buy USB-optic drive? 

Maybe you can suggest any wayout to boot from usb-flash drive?

Just went to the nearest Apple Store in Russia and ask the bear to use theirs Apple USB Super Drive. He said: “Ok, no problem, but let’s drink vodka first”. After 1l I’ve updated. So, this worked for me, I’ve updated to r211m and now my read speed is 250, but write speed still 130. But I think this is ok, yeah?

Thank you still.

depends what you are using to benchmark it. if you are using the latest version of blackmagic that is all the speed you will see. it uses uncompressable data patterns so 130 is the normal speed you will see.