Mac Playlists are “Empty”

I spent a good 5 hours getting my young Grandsons Clip Sport to “see” the playlists that his father had created for him on his Mac. Happily I cracked it just in time for his birthday.

(I eventually used Mac BBEdit App to modify the playlists, as this app allows the saving of Windows style end of line characters.)

After much reading and perusing of this forum and others, 

The fundamental issue is in the firmware of the player (purchased this year) it is that the firmware is not written to interprete Mac playlists.

Macs, Unix & Windows each use different end of line characters, indeed Apple changed the character the Mac used historically.

Sadly the firmware only recognises the Windows Version ie CR LF

A single CR or LF is not recognised meaning that playlist files created on either Mac types or Unix will not be accepted by the SanDisk Sport music player. Resulting in “Empty” playlists.

please please please can an Admin read this and pass this to the relevant “coder” who can modify the few lines required in the Clip Sport firmware that evaluates playlists.

This would resolve the issue for future purchasers.

New Firmware Release for current users would be good too!

(I read the Firmware releases I could find to see if this had already been done, I found no fixes …)

Thanks in anticipation…