M4A to MP3 how to do it.

A lot of the files in My Recordings are M4A.  I am reading here that the Fuze will not play them?  How do I convert them to MP3 without buying some program?

There are many conversion programs out there, simply enter “M4a to mp3” in Google, and you’ll be surprised.  I’d actually try using iTunes to convert to mp3, as I believe it has that option, allowing probably the cleanest conversion.

I think the company with the cool chameleon logo, is it NCH? Has a program called “Switch”, that will do the task.

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The last time I downloaded a program from NCH it tried to install half a dozen other pay programs, all of which started to nag after 15 or 30 days. Very annoying.

Media Coder will convert and is free and not annoying.

If you have iTunes installed, you should be able to highlight the files and, under Advanced, click Create MP3 version. 

Hey, I just used Switch and it worked perfectly.

If you use Rhapsody’s free software you can have it add your iTunes m4a files to the library and when you sync them with your Sansa they convert on the fly. 

Very Slick!