I intend to use the Sansa Fuze in my car using the AUX input on the front of the receiver. I’ve researched that it’s best to use the line-out to AUX instead of the headphone out to aux. What options do I have to do this with the Fuze? The only product I found capable of doing this is the Griffin Powerdock.

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All you can do is headphone out to your aux. There is a thread on here about how to mod a regualr cabel for a line out, but I dont know if that will work.

Here is the link

 This requires soldering ends etc.,but does work with the proper connectors.

More discssion

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Thanks for the quick replies. Let me make sure i’m getting this rite; the Griffin Powerdock will not provide the line-out to aux? I’m not all that talented with soldering so I doubt i’ll be doing the alternative.

The PowerDock is not portable. It is designed to sit in your home, charge your Sansa (using AC power),and line-out to your home stereo .

I think the griffin dock has “line out”,I do not own one.What type of connector does your car stereo have for an input?

Ahhhh, ok I see now. I could always plug it into power inverter.

@d1ce wrote:
Ahhhh, ok I see now. I could always plug it into power inverter.

The headphone out actually works fine…set your EQ to Normal, max the volume and go. I have even used it to connect to my home stereo that way.

Also read up on this thread

Just saw this one on eBay:|65%3A15|39%3A1|240%3A1318]Sansa Fuze Line Out Dock Cable For Headphone Amp - eBay (item 290303555722 end time Mar-27-09 09:29:44 PDT


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You could just buy a View AV cable and plan on the video not working.

Despite its name, the PowerDock doesn’t provide power! It has a USB connection - if you have any generic USB power car adapter, that should provide power. The homemade adapter (in the other thread) also has the advantage that it can also powered by a USB power adapter.

The eBay adapter might work, but its kind of pricey. An alternative would be a View cable, butyou might need a second cable to convert RCA jacks to whatever you have in the car. With either of these, your Fuze battery will be on battery power.

View cables that connect through the dock connector do NOT work on the Fuze. If they have all the pins they can be modified to work. The Fuze needs a voltage feed on pin7 to enable lineout. The View cables do not provide this connection.