Language set itself to Arabic or Persian and I cannot reset it to English

Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip, just purchased today and updated firmware.  I must have fat-fingered something but it somehow changed to a language that I think must be Arabic. I cannot read anything and flipping through every menu gives no satisfaction. I saw the knowledgebase article telling you how to count down to the right choice in an unintelligible language, but that is not working. I have tried counting and it always gives something other than language. 

I have of course powered it down and re-started a couple of times. It comes up in perfect Venusian, or whatever this language is. Is there a way to reset everything to factory defaults? I do not mind re-loading the few things that are on it. 


Resetting the Factory Defaults is not the same thing as formatting. It will not erase any files you have put on it. It will though, allow you to select the Language again, solving your problem.

  1. Go to the Main Men u (long press on Back or Home button).
  2. Scroll right or left to the Settings Menu (picture of gears).
  3. Press center Select button.
  4. Top option is System Settings. Press center Select button.
  5. Press top button once. This is (in English) Restore.
  6. Press Select button.
  7. If you could read the following screen message, it would say, “Restore to factory settings?” Yes (top) or No (bottom). Default is No.
  8. Pres the up button once to move the highlight to “Yes”. Press Select button.
  9. It will immediately go to the Language screen. The top option is English. Press the Select button.
  10. Done.

Note you will now have to change some other settings now, back to your own personal preferences. USB Mode, Backlight, Brightness, Power Saver, Sleep, Customize, Equalizer, etc. as well as your Music options, like Shuffle and/or Repeat and Radio settings.