Lag time between songs

Hi, I just got my fuze and I put some songs in it. When going from song to song, it works fine with no lag, but then there are a few songs where it takes a few seconds before the song even starts to play. I didnt drop it or anything so I doubt its a hardware problem…so is it just that the song is big or something? Thanks.

I ran into a similar problem with long tracks, 20 minutes in this case, that were encoded with Variable Bit Rate (VBR). I converted these to Constant Bit Rate (CBR) and they were fine. Shorter VBR tracks of 3 or 4 minutes didn’t lag however.

It also could be that those tracks which hestiate to start have ID3 tags that your Fuze is taking a bit longer to read. Very long names, titles, foreign characters, or _ anything _ in the Comments field could be it, as well as the format of the tag itself being different from what the Fuze is expecting.

Do you have songs in different formats on your player? Switching from .mp3 to .flac or .ogg or .wma might cause this delay too.