Taking time to play songs

Some of my songs take up to ten seconds to start playing when i select them. the player freezes up during this time and i cant do anything to speed it up. This only happens to a few of my songs though. 

I personally like to download music that is 320kbps and sometimes songs are 15mb per song and i am wondering if this could be the problem.

Anyways are there any ways to solve my problem and have the songs play instantly?

Message Edited by Happycow on 03-25-2010 08:11 PM

Check your ID3 tags with a (free) utility like MP3TAG. Some downloaded song files have loads of crap in the Comments field. I’ve seen everything from website addresses to full-blown reviews to lyrics. Delete anything you find in there. Chances are your Fuze is attempting to read all this nonsense when the songs starts. :smiley: