iXpand Sync App ver. 2.0.0 BUG

Import to ixpand function has stopped working on iphone and ipad after the app update.

I am using the 128gb and its like a hard drive for me. When i want to add pdfs from emails to my ixpand the import to ixpand sync app option does not work. 

Kindly fix the issue or if any1 here has an idea how to fix this.

I am seeing the same issue with 2.0.0. I reported the issue to sandisk support. Hopefully they can have a fix soon. 

Thanks drlucky, i dnt hav a laptop, with the ixpand i hav gone ipad only since 3 yrs. loads of files to be added to the ixpand. Im stuck with this bug. Kinda annoying

Fixed the bug in iXpand Sync App Version 2.0.1.  Thank you Sandisk for the prompt bug fixes. 

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