Ixpand 32gb _ IOS Yosemite OS X

Unable to load application sofware on MacBook Air; continually get error message; anyone else with this issue, I’m running “Yosemite OS X”

There is no software for Mac or any computer for that matter. The only app available is for iOS devices. The iXpand just functions like a normal USB drive with the computer. What software are you trying to install?

trying to down load this, Sandisk says the Ixapnd is plug and play…not with mine

Download SecureAccess(version 3 for iXpand only) :

Download for Mac (12MB for iXpand only)

ah your talking about the encryption software. You do not need that to use the drive. That is only used to unlock files on a computer if you choose to lock them from the iOS device. 

If you want to use it you actually install and run it on the iXpand drive not the Mac HDD. in the install screen (make sure the iXpand drive is connected) just select the iXpand as the install location. 

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