Is my Extreme Pro 90 MB/s 32GB Compactflash an Ebay fake??

I purchased this card off Ebay,read speeds seem to be fine(90+ mb/s),but the write speeds seem to max out at just over 30 mb/s.I also have a Lexar Professional 600x card that has read speeds at just over 80 mb/s,but its write speeds are almost the same at around 75 mb/s using the same card reader.Any thoughts…


The card looks genuine. Did you format the card before doing the test?

Yes,I formatted and tested it a few times with the same results consistently.I did contact Sandisk,and they looked at the pics and serial number and confirmed its real and does have a speed issue.They have agreed to exchange it for another one,and were very helpful and quick to respond,very impressed with there customer service.

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