I’d appreciate your thoughts on the legitimacy of this card please.


My concerns are two-fold.

Firstly the appearance of the card, The printing appears fuzzy compared to what’s published online  but I don’t know if Sandisk’s images are CG rather than actual pics. There also appears to be some slight banding in the printing.

Secondly, I can only achieve a write speed of around 9MBs using FlashBench. I can write at 16MBs to a full size PNY SD so my laptop is capable of writing faster. The only difference being the adapter. Am I correct in thinking that adapters are just dumb connectors? The one I’m using is from an old standard Sandisk micro SD.

You could always test it with h2testw.

That writes equally slowly on a verify test. Will run the full test when I have a couple of hours to spare but can’t see that that does anything else other than verify the capacity?

That fact alone will tell you if it’s genuine. Trust me, if it’s fake it won’t be anywhere near 64GB.

Well the capacity checks out but the write speed is a weedy 9-10 MBs. Now I didn’t realistically expect to get anywhere near the theoretical maximum but I did expect better than barely class 10.

Can anyone answer the question re the adapters?