Is anyone else excited about the TakeTV?

It looks like the perfect solution for grabbing some recordings and playing them back at friends and familys homes. I wonder whether it will support the dvr-ms mpeg2 format, if so it would be really great.

I suppose this will be agressively priced to be able to compete with other offerings.

I happen to be really excited about this! I have an XBMC setup at home so never worry about burning dvd’s or converting formats or all the other junk that you usually have to go through to get stuff on to the tv… However I can’t count all the times I wanted to share an episode of a show or some home video with a buddy and had to fiddle around with DVD’s or creating mpegs or whatever just so they could watch it on their tv. This will be a life saver, quick easy and painless… the perfect way to carry media around and watch it at someone else’s house. Wish it supported *nix though instead of just windows… :frowning: hope it is priced well too, if it was cheap enough or you could just buy the tv dock for really cheap then everyone could have one and life would be sweet! Seoras.

Using the Device during its beta stages to release.  I have seen it become a wonderful device.  I have used it from daily use at home, to traveling, to home again.  Always worked perfect.  When you have a device like this, and start to use it… you will wonder how you lived without it.


I want that device… It’s so cool… SANDISK RULEZZZZ!!!

I just got mine today. It’s pretty cool but could use some improvement. One thing I would love is to have the ability to resume a video from where you previously stopped it.
Would also like to see more formats supported.

Pretty cool device, though.

I’d definitely get one if I didn’t already have a video iPod.

Yes, I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I like being able to download shows I have missed or forgot to set my VCR to record. It is great being able to have a mini DVR so I can watch shows on my TV instead of on a comouter moniter!:slight_smile: Very affordable! Great picture with the S-VHS or even the composite cord. Like being able to set the picture for my 4:3 TV. Will upgrade to a flat panel TV soon.