Installing 265GB Ultra Plus SSD into Early 2008 Macbook Pro

Greetings - Just bought a 256GB Ultra Plus SSD to put into my son’s early 2008 MacBook Pro w/4GB RAM.  This was highly recommended by the salesperson I talked to at MicroCenter in Denver, CO.  The current hard drive died.

BUT NOW I AM CONCERNED based on what I am reading in this forum, and on Amazon…

Does this, or DOESN’T this SSD work in the early 2008 MacBook Pro? 

Do I need the firmware update I see mentioned on this forum in order for it to work properly?

Please get back to me quickly…

Thank you - Mark

the only compatiblity issue I have seen with 2008 MAC is related to MAC with the Nvidia MCP79 SATA chipset and the issue was related to the SATA chipset not negotiating the SATA link speed correctly. This issue was only reported with SSD that used sandforce controllers. the ultra+ SSD has a marvell controller so it may not have the same issues. That said the nvidia MCP79 chipset has issues with other SSD’s so you may see similar issues. 

Hi markbeede, have you tried ?

The Ultra Plus does it works on Macbook Pro Early2008 ?

You are the only people in all the web that speaks about this !

So, i’m really interested.

Thank you and Best Regards