Installed a 32gb microsdhc card, can't see most of the music.

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You should definitely report the seller to eBay’s Resolution Center as well as PayPal (although they’re the same company). eBay will ban them, and either PayPal or eBay will send you a refund.

paypal told me that i need to ship the card back to the seller and provide them with a tracking number. the card cost $32, the shipping costs $55 lol.


A MicroSD card can be sent anywhere in the US for the price of a 1st Class postage stamp, $ .44 (I think that’s what they’re up to now). Even if it’s being sent back to China, there’s no way it would cost anywhere near $55! :dizzy_face:

I’d be a little paranoid about just throwing one in a regular envelope, though…:dizzy_face:

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International mail with tracking is expensive.  Much more so than domestic with no tracking.  A courier could be cheaper than $55 rather than USPS (or whichever carrier you have), but not by much.