I'm wondering if my 128 microsd is fake.

THe picture on the website is black with red writing, but mine looks like this:


Only 2 ways to tell:

  1. Test with H2testw

  2. Call SanDisk Tech Support & give them serial #.

It is not accurate to judge the authenticity only by color. 

These four ways of checking fake Sd cards will help


I bought a 128 gig SanDisk.  It would not work.  I called SanDisk and gave them the serial number.  They advised me that it was a fake.  Vendor refunded me my money saying they thought their vendor was legitimate.  Evidently not, lol. 

MagnifierGlass-2017-10-01 17_43_16Z.jpg

I too wunder if this is a clone/fake. or the real SD. 

please check this out and let me know. i tested if it has the true capacity, only(119gig)

MagnifierGlass-2017-10-01 17_48_57Z.jpg

color looks off


the speed test was done in HP Elite X3

Contact SanDisk Tech Support/Customer Service. This is a user’s forum. No one here can accurately determine whether your card is authentic or not. They can.