I have a MobileMate SD+ USB SD card adapter and I need to know if it is totally safe from malware...

I have a SanDisk MobileMate SD+ USB card reader/writer adapter (model number: SDDR-103) and I need to know if the firmware that is built into this device is totally safe from any sort of malware (such as viruses and spyware) that is on any sort of computer that I connect it to (even if I do NOT copy any files back and forth and even if I connect the device without an SD card plugged in).

The only reason I need to know this information is to put my mind at ease because I recently used a computer that may have been infected with some sort of malware and had copied some files to an SD card via the MobileMate device.  And before I came to the realization that the system in question may have been infected, I had already connected this device to several other computers including my own (but NOT with the potentially infected SD card), so now I am afraid that these other computers may have been infected if the firmware on the MobileMate could have been compromised somehow.

So if anybody out there can tell me for sure, please do this before I run the risk of infecting any other computers that I might plug my MobileMate into.

the reader itself has no writable storage space so no virus or malware could attach itself to the reader. that said the card that was in it is likely infected.