How to view the songs which were on the fuze using windows explorer?

How to view the songs which were on the fuze when buying using windows explorer?

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Plug the Fuze in, go to my computer. If you are in MTP Mode double click on the fuze, if you have a SD card inserted then pick either internal or external memory, and then go to music. You will see folders named for each artist, open them and there are the songs. If you are in MSC then just open the memory which includes the song you want then go to music and you will see the folders named for artists and then pick the artist.

Thank you for the reply conversionbox.

but I need to see the songs which were on the fuze when I bought it.When I go to the music folder in the fuze after plugging it into the computer it doesn’t show the music which were on the fuze that were put by the people in sansa when I bought it

Hope somebody can help me about this


 Do you need the list or do you need the know where they Are? If you want to find the list just search the board. If you are looking for them on the Fuze you have to be connected in MTP Mode.

I wanted to know where they are.

Thank you for giving me the answer and replying to my questions.