How to start playlist files from Folder view?

I have a question applying to the SanDisk Clip Sport with Firmware v1.17:

Is there a playlist format that can be launched from Folder view?

I’ve tried with m3u files (since they can be generated automatically in large batches with mp3tag), but as I discovered afterwards those files cannot be lauched from the Folder menu. To me using the Music menu to select playlists is not an option: all playlists will appear in one (possibly very long) list and therefore one will have to include all info in the name of the playlist file for recognition, like artist name + album title + disc number (in case >1). This can be automated e.g. with mp3tag, but all filenames will be truncated to 12 characters on the SanDisk Clip Sport which in nearly all cases will be far too short to include the selection info as described above. In the Folder menu this issue can be resolved by organizing the playlists in appropriate subfolders. However, with Firmware v1.17 one cannot launch m3u files from the Folder menu.

If none of the playlist formats can be used in the Folder menu I sincerly hope that this functionality will be added to a future Firmware update. It’s not a bottle-neck (to me), but at the least a very-nice-to-have …

@auc wrote:

Is there a playlist format that can be launched from Folder view?


Not that I know of.