How to know if this Memory is original?

Hi guys. I have a doubt about the legit of the card. I had already bought some 64 GB Micro SDXC Cards without problems but now i ordered the new 64 Micro SDXC Class 10 UHS from and i received the card today but the packing is different. So if some of you have ordered one it would be much help to know if i need to keep it or claim an original one or money back. All help is greatly appreciated.

This is what i have received:

this is the new packaging that illistrates Andriod device compatiblity. 

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Thanks man. Do you have one?

This is Box new i wass sell

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Tôi cần Sandisk cung cấp cho tôi giúp tôi có thể thấy giả và orignal.

Hộp tôi đã mua ở Việt Nam.


Tôi không biết kiểm tra giả và orignal.

Giá cực rẻ. Điều này là rất xấu