How To Crack Open A 4/8/16/32 GB Sandisk Flash Drive

As the title states would like to open up the drive just for fun to see the internal parts e. PCB board. if anyone knows how to go about opening these plastic enclosures please share your suggestions. thanks for your help.


The answer you got 5 months ago when you asked the same question wasn’t satisfactory? You marked it solved. :confounded:

Hey Tapeworm.

No that post did not help using a utility knife will sratch the packaging if not damage the enclosure. What I was looking for is some kind sharp plastic pic or tool which can work magic.

I would like to share that I did find a plastic tool to open a blackberry bold but have not ordered it to see if it could open the flash drives up without causing damage or sratches to the exterior packaging.

Here is the link for the plastic tool