how to change the battery

how can i open sansa express  to change battery. what is the type of of battery required?

You can’t.  It’s internal and not consumer replaceable.

What are my options if a battery is not replaceable?

@loucee wrote:

What are my options if a battery is not replaceable?

Depending on the model you have, you may be able to pry the casing open and find a replacement battery that will fit. You would have to solder the connections back on the new battery as it would not just drop in like the models designed for battery replacement by the user.

I would use Google and type in “Sansa (your model) battery replacement”. You might get lucky and discover someone else with your same player that has already figured out how to do it, where to get the battery, what exact battery to get, etc. and has posted the details somewhere.

Otherwise, your only other option is to recycle it responsibly and buy a new one.

The internal battery of the Express can be replaced, but this requires some electronics repair skills. The LiPo (lithium-polymer) battery is a soft unit, normally protected by the Express’ shell.

Be careful when working with this type of battery assembly, as bending or poking the unit can damage it.

Here is a page showing some internal detail of a disassembled Express.

The battery should be similar to the Clip or Clip+ (smaller) battery; it will take a little internet searching, but comparable units are available.

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