How sort files? How create folders?


This is an emergency.
I bought 2 Sansa Express 1Gb for the kids. Tomorrow we’re supposed to travel a bit, and I’m trying to prepare the players for this. But it’s completely impossible to make the players recognize any sorting order, or any other order. Thus, the players turns out to be completely unusable to us.

Here’s the specific problems:

  1. My som like to have his audio-book with him. Fine. I turned the 106 files from 8 CD:s into mp3 files and renamed them from 01 to 106. Then uploaded to the player’s Music folder. But when turning the thing on, there’s no order what so ever.

  2. The daughter wants both songs and stories. I uploaded them sorted into different folders as I thought she would be able to first select folder and then file. But it appears as if the operative system in the player just grabs the actual file names (or something?) and ignores the folders.

I also tried using this “Auda…” whatever this program for handling the files was called. But it doesn’t even open or read the files in the players…

I’m pretty frustrated over this and have spent 7 hours trying to make it work. And yes, I am quite computer literate.

Can someone please help me out here? I’m getting desperate…

Cheers, and thanks in advance!!!

Change the id3 tags of the book to read Genre: Title of the book. And the for Track # but them in order 1-106.

Btw, the player reads Id3 tags, not files names or folders. It by passes them completly. Theres quite a few post on here about that search around. Your problem sounds easy enough to fix.

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Thanks a bunch! I had no idea that someone had invented ANOTHER system to sort files. I wonder what he thought was wrong with folders and file names and such…

But thanks to your quick and accurate post, I’ve fixed it.