How often are new fw's released?

Just out of curiosity. I’ve had my clip for a month now and the fw hasn’t been updated since so I’m just wandering?

new fw was anounsed 3 vjnthes ago !

maybe it will be released like Santa’s present ?

The last FW update added OGG Vorbis and podcast/ audiobook capabilities.  I’m sure that wee wrinkles will be worked out, but bear in mind that we’ve already gone a long way from December’s initial FW release.

The 1.01.29 build is stable and smooth.  I’d guess we’ll have something new in a vjnthes or so.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully they do an update that fixes the bug in 1.01.29 with deleting songs.

what are vjnthes??

@ackers wrote:
what are vjnthes??

Wasn’t Bob politely poking fun at the misspelling of “months”?  :wink:


yeah i figured that too… although how can you mistake ‘v’ and ‘j’ for ‘m’ and ‘o’ is beyond me