No possibility for misunderstanding I hope ?

The “sanitize” operation has now been running for 3 hours. No messages, no errors, nothing is happening…

Windows performance monitor is showing no activity. The pop-up in Dashboard still just says “In Progress” though there is clearly no progress.

Nobody tried this before ? Anybody ?

I am quite worriedthat if I restart my computer my extreme pro will be damaged…

Just a heads-up to Dashboard users. Sanitize does not seem to be working…

I waited 5 hours for sanitize to finish, and then I did a restart. After that I could do a secure erase instead, which took about 5 seconds. By doing this I got back out-of-the-box performance which I could not get when using other disk- wiping tools.

My conclusion : Nice ssd’s - not so nice software.


Sanitize is usualy a very short command and should complete fairely quickly.

Did you try to create a bootable USB drive and performing Sanitize in Linux?

Could you generate a report (using the Dashboard->Help) and send it via private messages?


I have same problem, I have been waiting for 5 hours more or less for the complete Santize process but there is no signal for it, only says

‘please wait’ so what am I supposed to do?