How long can I expect a Fuze v.2 to last in terms of years?

What is the expected or actual lifetime of the battery in terms of years, not per recharge?


Depends on how (long and/or often) you use it.

Does that mean if I use it very little, and and charge it once every 3-4 weeks, it will last close to 10 years?

Rechargeable batteries have shelf life regardless of usage so that is why I was asking.

Probably 5+ years is a reasonable guess with infrequent use.

One thing it depends on is how much loss of capacity you will accept.  

I replaced the battery in my e200 after about 2 years when it  was getting under half the hours per charge it did when new.  I’ve gotten more than that out of the replacement battery already, but the original could have been on the shelf for a year or more before I bought the player. 

A few years down the road, the lithium polymer battery can be replaced as well, though it involves a little careful surgery. Replacement units are available from several sources.

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I’ve had/used my 8gb Fuze for close to 3 years now without problems.