How is your Sansa Clip battery life?

Are you sure you’ve used it for at least 4 hrs since the last time you charged it? Not saying you’re wrong, just reaffirming… This is certainly interesting! I did fully charge mine before using it the first time, so who knows…

Hy_tek, how do you turn off the EQ? I don’t see an option for it…

Set EQ to Normal.  Or on Custom set all the sliders in the center.

Once again Sansafix I was wondering if you were affiliated with Sandisk tech support or just one of us lay people. It would be nice if someone from there would frequent this forum and support their product.

I’ve already done that, Sansafix. Thanx.

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Oooopppss! You’re right, Sas- just totalled up my time (I listen to the Clip when I take walks, and I know the exact time of the walks)- it only came out to 3 hours and 20 minutes that I listened. Still pretty good though!

I am affiliated with SanDisk.

Cllipman, thanx for confirming that. At least I know I’m not going crazy! I had my Clip on for more than 4 hrs since the battery meter dropped to 75%, & it hasn’t dropped to 50% yet. Maybe I miscounted myself, previously? Anywho, I’d say it’ll drop to 50% after another 15 minutes, give or take. We’ll see… That would be a total of approx 4 1/2 hrs per 25% of battery power, giving me 17 hrs per charge. Not bad, eh?

Hehe…yeah, Sas, -I’m figuring that my Clip should be dropping to the 75% mark sometime within the next 1/2 hour or 40 minutes of play. Sounds like my Clip and yours are about equal. Thank goodness we didn’t get one of the units that discharges itself when it’s not even in use!

I really wasn’t expecting to get the full 15 hours out of a charge like the manufacturer says it’s supposed to get (Naturally, we all expect them to exaggerate)…but I have a feeling that you and I will both be seeing that 15 hours…if not more!

I bought mine at BB 1/3/2008 and it already had 18A loaded on it so I think it is fairly new. I tested my with the headphones plugged in, volumn on high setting and level at the middle. I go every bit of 15+ hours. I stopped it at that but it still had charge. I just left it on loop and didn’t activate the screen every hour. It also has sat idle for 3 days with no degraded battery.

Well, this is interesting… After more than 5 3/4 hrs, the battery meter STILL says 75%. However, it dropped down but immediately went back up… twice. Is that a bad sign? I hope it’s not defective! Any words of wisdom on this?

Words of wisdom? Maybe…


The algorithm used in the current version (.18) is being improved, hopefully such erratic indications are only an interpolation / rounding / truncation issue in software

So, it’s nothing to really worry about? I don’t have the current firmware, but I’m waiting for the next version which resolves the volume issue. If it’s not defective, that’s a huge relief!

It is fine.  Battery indicators inherently are rough.  The upcoming upgrade will improve it. 

If you can play for 12-15 hours in average use everything is ok.


I am by no means an eggspurt on these things (Up until last week, I never even owned an MP3 player)- but I’d imagine too, that when the charge is in the vicinity of the 75% range…that at some point the meter is probably right on the cusp- so there probably is a short period where it has a hard time deciding if it should be in the 100% or 75% position. I’m sure that with the various things (temperature, monitoring circuits, etc.) that could just ever so slightly effect the batteries’ charge, that it would be natural for there to be a little indecisiveness at the demarcation points.

I mean, lets say the battery is at 75.02% and the meter is showing full charge…then the temp changes, and maybe that causes the battery to drop a hair…to say 74.9%…or ya turn the Clip on, causing it to use a little juice and it drops it to 74.5%…but then after the initial start-up surge, the battery recovers a bit and goes back up to 75.1%…and since these numbers are right at the demarcation point, I could see the meter naturally going a bit either way.

Batteries are funny things- it’s not like they are a jar full of marbles…and as you take each marble out, it’s gone…done deal, complete. No, quite the contrary- batteries fluctuate somewhat…and their charge is not something that is perfectly constant. (As batteries go, these lithiums are my favorites…if we were talking about Ni

Cads, heh…forget about it! They’d really be all over the place as far as ammount of charge!)

Thanx for the responses. Good to know it’s not really a problem!

Cllipman, it was actually wavering between 75 & 50%, but that’s a moot point… The battery meter finally stayed at 50% after a while. I’m going to turn it on again & see how it goes.

Well, it still appears to be at 50%. I think it should’ve dropped to 25% by now. Any thoughts?

Still at 50%… And this is “normal”? How am I supposed to know when the battery is actually low?

When she reads 25% it will be getting to be near charging time.  See if you can measure how much time from 25% until she shuts down.  It might be around 2 hours or less.

The next release will give finer steps which will give you less uncertainty.

Also turning on the Display will tend to load the battery and might push the level down a notch in the current firmware.

Well, it finally dropped down to 25% roughly 20-30 minutes ago. I’ll keep you posted…