How is your Sansa Clip battery life?

Battery just died… Here’s a log of the hours & battery percentage:

1st 4 hrs(give or take, wasn’t watching time carefully)- 100%
12-1pm- 75%
10:30-1:45pm- 75%
10:35-2:40pm- 75%- 2:05pm, dropped to 50%
4:40-7pm- 50%
9:25-10:37am- 50%- 10:10am, dropped to 25%
10:37am- battery died.

Total approx hours: 15:50

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Great.  Now just go ahead and enjoy your player!


I understand the clip has a lithium polymer battery.  Let’s hope the engineer that designed the charging circuit did it right. Check out this video. The World’s Most Dangerous Battery.  I think it’s cool.  It’s obviously a much larger cell than that in the clip and intentionally made to blow.


Those flight packs in the video are much bigger cells than in the Clip, with far greater potential for disaster…

The LiPo in the Clip is “almost” inherently safe by virtue of it’s limited ampacity; I accidentally punctured a fully charged one in this size class (~500mA / hr) with a hobby knife and it did emit an…interesting jet of fire and battery goo, but it went out within seconds. Even the plastic case of the Clip should contain this, and there is a metal EMI shield inside the Clip that will help absorb the released energy further. IF you managed to somehow puncture it.

Merely overcharging the cell will cause it to first swell to 2 or 3 times it’s normal thickness, which might be apparent from the outside. Remember that the USB port is current limited to 500mA, which is only 2.5 watts. Not much opportunity for catastrophe there, really.

I wouldn’t worry about it going incendiary on ya

Miikerman, what about the fact that it stayed at 75% for several hours? That seems rather odd to me…

Well, if it has about 16 hours, you would expext to see 4 hours at 100%, 4 at 75%, 4 at 50%, and 4 at 25%, very roughly and crudely. 

I just wouldn’t sweat it.  You’re getting fine hours and the firmare out in 1-2 weeks should improve the battery calibration. 

Thanx for the response, Miikerman. I was seeing about 7 1/2 hrs at 75% & about 30 minutes at 25%. It would seem the battery calibration is WAAAY off… I recharged it, & I’ll keep better track of the time so I can get a more accurate tally of the total hrs. It’s probably about the same, not that I’m complaining… I was just concerned about the battery meter being so inaccurate. I look foward to the new firmware!

I only got about 12 hours out of my battery!  :frowning:

I ran the Clip with half volume, 128 Kb/s mp3’s, the rock EQ, and all of the rest were the factory settings.  Where’s my 15 hours?  :frowning:

The Rock EQ sucked it up, cuz everything is on 11.


Err, sorry, only if you were listening to the Spinal Tap discography all that time. Seriously, the EQ does use more processing power (I believe all this magic is done in DSP so it has to work harder to tweak the EQ curve in realtime etc.)

Volume level and headphone impedance both obviously make a difference, are you using the stock 'buds or something more audiophilic??

Finally, give it a chance, cycle the battery a few times and see where it gets you.

Stock buds and I’ll remember to turn the EQ off the next time I test it!

can you define me the furmula of the Kbps and the hours lasts? 128? 192? 320?

good day

I think perhaps people are expecting too much from this rudimentary battery meter. I don’t think it was ever meant to be an extremely accurate meter but rather rough guideline.

I don’t believe batteries discharge at a linear rate to begin with. The more the battery is drained the less the output voltage and the greater the current needed to supply the device. Due to the internal resistance that every battery has, there is a voltage drop internally to the battery itself. The more current is drawn the more the internal voltage drop. No battery is a perfect current source. As a result I think you will find the more you discharge a battery the faster it will discharge. What this means is that you cannot say that each 25% of the battery discharge will last 4 hours as some are trying to say.

I guess that makes sense… My battery meter is VERY innacurate. It stays at 100% for about 4 hrs 20 min, while it stays at 75% for at least 3 hrs longer. The last 25% gives me about 30 minutes of playtime. I’m looking foward to the new firmware!

I can now confirm that I get 16 hrs 40 min of playtime with my Clip… much better than I thought :slight_smile:

Sasafrass452 wrote:
I can now confirm that I get 16 hrs 40 min of playtime with my Clip… much better than I thought :slight_smile:

Wow! That’s great! Mine isn’t faring as well. After the meter taking about 4 hours of play to go from full to 75%, it’s now dropping to the 50% and 25% level much fastrer!- This is understandable though, as I have the EQ highly tweaked; often listen at at least half volume or more and have been using it out in below freezing temps. I’m still very pleased with it.

It’s been two weeks now since I’ve charged it…I may just have to charge 'er up next week!

Well, at that rate, your Clip will last you at least 17 years, battery-wise …


Miikerman wrote:

Well, at that rate, your Clip will last you at least 17 years, battery-wise …



HAHAhahaha!!! I hope so!

17 years? Really? That would be awesome!

Wow!  17 years is way better than the View’s 32 hours!

I just noticed another “behavior”, which could help explain some of the “self discharge” issues…

After doing a connect/disconnect, and after the database refresh (not playing any songs, just to do some testing around the ring light issue in '20) then changing the power OFF time to 5 minutes, then reconsidering and setting it back to 30 seconds, I set the device down for a few minutes, waiting for it to power OFF. Well after 30 seconds had elapsed, but not quite 5 minutes later, I hit the center button (why? I don’t know why) and THE CLIP WAS STILL ON (BTW the ring light came back ON again, too, and without a hard power cycle).

I need to see if I can replicate this and if I can, see if the Clip EVER shuts itself off - after one hour, it should for sure…

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