How Do I Add/Play Videos on Fuze?

I just bought an 8GB Fuze at Bestbuy and now I’m trying to figure out how to add my videos to it. I noticed that the sample video that comes with the device is in .avi format, so I tried adding videos from my computer that are also .avi format to the device, but I keep getting an error message that the file I am trying to add has one or more properties outside of the device’s limits. I can add the file to the device but it will not play.

So…does that mean that my Fuze CAN’T play videos? How do I get it to work?

You have to used one of the Video converters designed for the fuze. These are Sansa Media Converter (Released By Sandisk), Rhapsody, Video4Fuze, or Fuzevids (I think it was called). The last 2 were written by users.

These make the video the right format and size and whatever specs the fuze requires.

To get SMC install the Sansa Updater and it will be listed there.