How can extend my drive space?

I hope I post my question in the right place. My computer drive gets a low disk space problem with my partition C. Many new programs cannot be installed there for this problem. But, I have checked all my partitions there carefully one by one. There are still two partitions that have enough free space about 52GB. So, can I add the free space to my partition C? How can I do that? Please, help me! 

There are two solutions for you:

1). Expand this partition in Disk Management. Shrink the partition with free space and right click your C partition in Disk Management to highlight “Extend Volume”.

2). Expand your C partition space with professional partition resizing tools. There are many similar tools. Just select an efficient one online, like GParted, IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free, EaseUS Partition Master, etc.

Never forget to save all crucial data on different drives in advance.

Have you expanded your drive space successfully yet?

Back up everything important well and take chances with this video tutorial that will teaches how to increase assigned partition space in details:

It may help you.

Always save all important data well all the time.

Extend your partition space successfully?

If not, my experiences may give you some clues. In fact, not tool long ago, I also have confronted the partition low disk space problem. My free space was adjacent to my E partition, not the C partition. So, the “extend” option in Disk Management also didn’t work. But, I also finally extended my partition with the guidance of an article:

It could be your chances, too.

One more thing, to avoid unnecessary data loss, always back up your partition data well in advance.