System partition is in low disk space

Hello, everyone there! I have divided my internal drives into four partitions on my Windows 7 computer. Different partitions have been arranged with different drive space capacities. However, yesterday, the system partition has given me a low disk space message and asks me to expand it. But, the third and last partitions are nearly empty. So, is it possible for me to add the space of these two partitions to my system partition? How can I do that successfully? Answer me quickly! Thank you very much!!

Ok! Since you are using Windows 7, there are Disk Management tools that allow you to easily delete these two empty partitions and add the created free space to your system partition. Just right click your system partition to select “extend” in Disk Management after deleting or shrinking the partition space there.

But, if you want, you also can try some partition resizing tools to take chances, like GParted, IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free, Paragon Partition Master, etc.

Always back up all partition data well in case of data loss.

Shrink the partition with free space in Disk Management and extend this system partition there.

But, if the newly created free space is not adjacent to the system partition, you often cannot use the “extend” option in Disk Management.

But, that’s not to say, there is no way to go on.

Just use some professional partition resizing tools to take chances, like

No matter what happens, just back up everything important in advance.

I have ever had some great success to increase my partition space with the help of a video tutorial:

You also can follow the steps to resolve your low disk space problems.

Mask data backups all the time.