Help with music organization

How can I turn certain albumns on my fuze into a play list without copying all the music back onto my computer first?

There are a couple of ways (Assuming the files are tagged correctly) The first and maybe the easiest is to go to Artist>Then Choose the Artist and under that there are the albums and you can listen to the Album

Or you can go to the Albums option and find the one you want and listen to it.

Or From either of the two navigations methods I mentioned when you find the album press and hold the Center button. This will add it to the Go List which is a built in playlist that is fully customizable.

Winamp makes awesome full-blown playlists. Use your Fuze’s directory to populate the list and follow the hints here.

There are, of course other ways. Feel free to explore or search the Fuze forum as that’s where the discussions would be. :wink: