HELP, my SanDisk CF Ultra II bent pins in 2 of my Canon 5D MK II cameras!!!!

What a nightmare. I put a SanDisk Ultra II CF card into one of my Canon 5D mark ii cameras and got an error message, cannot format the card. So I took that card out and put it into my backup Canon 5D mark ii camera and got the same error. After looking at the cameras, I realized the CF card bent the corner pin and broke the inner middle pin on BOTH cameras. I think it’s pins 33 and 52. I have a 3rd 5D mark ii as a backup for my backup, which I have quarantined to only be used with lexar or hoodman CF cards, that I’ve carefully tested with my “good” camera. I don’t use CF cards often because we mainly shoot via USB tethering, so I suppose the camera is still somewhat functional. The card is barely used.

Please help, Canon repair wants roughly $430 per camera to fix after my CPS preferred membership discount.

Horrified. =(


this is typically cause by a pin being slightly bent in the card slot of the camera or improper insertion of the card. you should be able to tell by looking at the pin holes of the card. when you look at the pin holes you will see where one or more of the pins made contact out of line with the hole. this can damage the pin hole on the card. once this is done the card is damaged and inserting it into another camera can damage the other camera as well. you should always take note to look at the card and make sure nothing is cloging the holes and look in the card slot of the camera to ensure the pins are aligned correctly before inserting the cards. unfortunately since you did not take these percautions it looks like you will be stuck with paying for the repairs.