Help me please


I have a SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB flash drive and I put all of my stuff in so called RunSanDiskSecureAccess_Win and when I typed in the Email and password it was all empty and I cant find my things but I can see that the files are there because it is 3.18Gb but I cant accsess them so please tell me what I should do Im afraid the the data has been currupted due to the formatting of my Pc.



I have encountered the same problem before, although my pen drive is not sandisk, my experienced might be helpful to you. Try using a window 7 OS, it has a search bar on the top right corner of the form when you open your flash drive, but you need to know the file name of the files you are recovering, type the filename on the search box, and it will appear, copy it and paste it into another location and thats it. Hope it helps.

thx but the problem is that I had vista and all was gone with the OS

Hi Monty,

Don’t worry! You can get your data back off the flash drive with data recovery software.

I used this one to recover data from formatted pen drive and it worked.

Hope this helps!