HELP...!!!-->IBIS model of 4GB-Micro SD card for simulation purpose?

Hi Folks,

                 Can anyone provide IBIS model of a 4GB-Micro Secure Digital (SD) Card. Am using hyperlynx tool,need this model fro simulation asap.

Thanks in advance,

Sudhagar :manhappy:

Hello Sudhagar,

                          Did you manage the ibis file. Can you please share the same , because I am facing the same problem that you faced , a few months back .

Thanks in advance…

Sincere Regards


Were you able to locate an IBIS model?  If so, please send it to me.  I have all the other IBIS models I need but have not been able to locate a uSD or SD IBIS model.



Me too. If all of you have ibis model, please help to share.

KR Thomas