HELP! File missing after Drag the file on to a Browser page

Hi all,

I need some help here. I just had this new USB drive and i moved some files in the Vault and it works perfectly fine.

However, today accidentally i dragged one of the file on a browser page (Just try to drag the file to see if it can upload onto Dropbox page or not - it was Chrome browser) and that particular file is just disappeared! Could not be found!

After i failed searching for the missing file, i tried again with another file by dragging it on the browser page (can be any page you open), and it went missing too! But if i drag the file onto window’s folder it is no problem at all. It will copy the file normally on that folder outside the Vault.

Have you guys experienced this? Pls make a copy if you want to try drag a file on to browser page!

Thank you,


Hi I had the same issue.