[HELP ASAP] USB Files Totally Erased/Formatted without Notice

I’m sorry about the swearing but, I couldn’t help it, It’s been years I’ve been saving all my important stuff in my USB so as the Documents I have for work.

I have a  64GB SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 USB and I bought it on Lazada Online, only for 700 in Original price, it was decent and running smooth in the following days and weeks. but today, I was working on ID picture, I plugged a 4GB Imation NanoPro and started focusing on the ID picture making, After that I saved the picture on lightshot and I was gonna Save it to my USB, I opened My Computer and I saw this to my usb. (See Attachment) Actually, My usb contains Images, Videos, Audios, Installers, Autodesk Brushes and Important Documents. (I have a laptop ofc, but I mostly save my files on my usb and also I don’t have any files saved online except my Portfolio of Drawings.)

What I’m asking is, How to get this Files back on this God-Forsaken #$%^&*( USB? PLEASE I NEED ANSWERS FAST.



Safely remove the drive.  ie don’t just yank it out.


Try it in a different pc.


Try it in a different OS.


If files show up COPY them to something else ASAP, like the harddrive.


If files don’t show up try running a CHKDSK on the drive.


If files still don’t show up get professional help  ASAP.


Whatever you do, DO NOT  FORMAT the drive or write anything to it.

you can also run data recovery software on the drive. there are plenty of free and paid recovery applications available just google search and find one that fits your needs. 

Some of those free apps are mentioned here:  http://forums.sandisk.com/t5/All-SanDisk-USB-Flash-Drives/Download-new-version-lost-access-to-all-data-Please-Help/m-p/301789#M5953

There are a lot of “free” apps that are only free to download and only free to find lost files then they charge $$$ to actually recover them.  Those noted above are totally free.

Nah, Thanks for the suggestions, The problem was solved by my friend, I used Recuva and it worked.