HEEEEELP ! ! ! windows media center - vista

Hey ya’ll, I’m wondering if anyone else is having this issue… I have vista home premium with windows media center… As soon as I install “sansa media converter” is shuts down my “windows media center”…  When I uninstall “sansa media player” my " windows media center" comes right up… I called sansa “tech support” and they weren’t sure !! I tried the “any video converter” and those files do not play on my Fuze 2gb…

Any ideas…Thanks for your time,


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Same issue.  It crashes a service that media center needs.  Only fix is to uninstall the Media Converter.

Same problem.  Pulling my hair out trying to find an alternative.

Does your media center pc have a tv tuner in it?

Mine does.

Yes, Mine does too

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Hey jfencl what are you using to convert your videos then…thanks for your time…

I have to use a different computer.

Just curious, what type and brand of TV tuners you guys have?

ViXS PureTV-U 48B0 (NTSC/ATSC Combo)   HP p.c. m/n m8330f

Mine has a Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1800

And BTW, I use the wifes laptop to use SMC.

I also loaded SMC onto my sons Gateway with Windows Media Center, samething, WMC will not recognize the tuner card

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Which 10/3/08 update is that then, does it fix the problem, where can i get it?

I have same problem.   FYI  I run Vista & TV card is Hauppagge Win TV PVR PCI II

Don’t Sansa care about their customers?

Fuze works fine with my TV enabled PC. I use an ATI 650 TV card.

The SMC lets me transfer recorded TV shows to my Fuze.

While you do have to use the SMC to convert certain media files, videos mainly, you can use a different media player to sync other files to your Fuze. have you tried MediaMonkey? I know it has a funny name, but it’s a great media program, it’s free, under 7mb, and it supports the Fuze.

Also, about the programs starting and stopping on their own: have you tried looking at your Autoplay settings? You can find it in your Control Panel. It controls what your computer does every time you do certain things, like put in a DVD or CD, or when you plug in your Sansa. I have mine set to ask me every time; it’s possible you clicked an action previously and now your PC automatically takes that action everytime you plug in your Fuze.

How did you uninstall Windows Media Converter under Vista?

 dont uninstall Windows Media Converter. You uninstall Sansa Media Converter.

Use normal uninstall from control panel



Got a Vista machine last year.  After two weeks of pulling my hair out with all sorts of issues and numerous calls to Dell help, packed the whole POS up and shipped it back. Got an XP machine and I’m glad I did.  I think Vista has become more stable with proper drives and so forth but to me it offered nothing better.  Just more problems, more showy graphics for kids and more memory usage.

Anyway, doesn’t solve your problems but Vista ain’t helpin’ anybody make life easier.

Also, after numerous snafu’s and frustration with Windows Media Player, I abandoned the whole thing and re-ripped everything as mp3; ditched WMP, ditched all wma files, and ditched MTP mode.  All MSC mode now and just drag-n-drop.

Simple = nice.

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I have two new PCs, sporting Vista decals on the faceplates.

Inside?  You’ll find Windows XP, the choice of Sansa Champions.

Oh, sorry…can I get some Windows Mojave decals?

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

you don’t need sansa media converter. sansa media converter is for movies and pictures only. i use windows media player when i am at my grandparents house. they have vista home premium and it works fine without sansa media converter.

Unless I have misunderstood it,  I want to download movies and pictures onto my Sansa View.  I cannot do that with Windows Media Player.

How do you do it without Sansa Media Converter???  I’m desparate for another way of doing it.