headphones impedance on Zip


I cant find impedance of stock headphones for Sansa Clip Zip can someone share info? Thanx

Most relatively new models of earbuds are 16 ohms, although some are 32 ohms, and a few are between 16 and 32 ohms. Why does it matter?

I have Samsung Galaxy S2 and player/headphones have worst sound I ever heard, I try many headphones from hifi to some cheap and still it have bad sound than I try this sansa headphones and sound was so good that there is no logic.

So I ask about impedance to see where this improvement come, thanx for info but Im still confused.

all the best

Impedance isn’t the only thing. Perhaps the other earphones are low in sensitivity? Which other earphones did you try with it?

I think my Sennheiser CX300 ii have 16 ohm impedence and they sound great with the Clip Zip.

I’m sorry but it’s hard for me to believe no one’s answered my first post: Can I scan a Sansa Clip/Zip? And how? My computer reads it as a device but not as a scanable drive. Thanks for any help (you may see the actual topic on first page and reply there). --Noel

When connected in MTP mode, Windows views the player as a device. When connected in MSC mode, Windows views the player as an external drive. MTP mode is needed for protected files. If you have no protected files, then use MSC mode.

Files transferred in MTP mode are only visible on the player on your pc when connected in MTP mode. Files transferred to the player in MSC mode are only visible on the player on your pc when connected in MSC mode.

If you have no protected files and have copies of all the files on your player also on your pc, then format the player using the player’s menu, set the USB mode to MSC, reconnect, and copy the files to the player again.

USB MSC mode just works easier and cleaner than MTP mode.  Unless you play DRM-protected files, the way to go, IMHO.