Having trouble analyzing volume with media monkey!

I analyzed the volume of some tracks and experienced that the volume became a little less.Therefore cant i get this volume to a certain preffered level having a little more volume than this?



Yes, tracks become quieter when Replaygained, that’s how it makes them have equal volume. If you want it loud, use the “Pre-Gain” option on your Fuze, to me +6dB is enough.

Thanks for the reply!!!

Cant you adjust the pregain value using media monkey?Or do i have to use another different software?



Pre-gain is a setting for the player, not for tracks. I believe it’s called “Pre-amp” on MediaMonkey.

After volume leveling can I control the volume using my fuze by adjusting the volume?Or does the leveled volume become the maximum volume level in the fuze??

And by the way can someone tell me how to use pre-gain/pre-amp in media monkey?

  1. It seems you don’t understand how Replaygain works. Please read my post here.

  2. Of course you can adjust the volume on your Fuze. Didn’t you try it?

  3. I may be wrong about “Pre-amp” in MediaMonkey though, I never really used it. If you can’t find it, however, you can always use its volume control :wink:

  4. Finally, please don’t start multiple threads with the same (or closely related) topic. That makes it very hard for other users to navigate the forum.

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