Gripe - Blinking Light

I wish there were a way to turn off the blinking light when playing. As it is it’s unusable as a bedside player, as the blinking keeps one awake. And it might even cause epilepsy.

I would support that feature request also.  If nothing else to save battery life but more importantly I use the shaker as a means to help put kids to sleep at night with sleepy time SD card inserted!

To cause an epileptic seizure, the light flashing has to be RANDOM and intense, which is why Fire Alarm strobes in a commercial building all have to flash synchronized (my job). Try a low brow solution, put something over the button like a bandaid or some tape, or set the Shaker in something to block the view but keep the light out of sight. The light is there and blinks to remind you it is on so a kid does not take off the headphones and walk away to come back hours later to a dead battery.

I just bought one for a gift for a friend of mine’s kid and have been setting it up for the last two days. Pretty cool device–I like the fact that it has no onboard memory, and takes regular SD cards (I find the micro sd cards to be too small to handle).

But the blink? WTF? At first I thought the blink was a defect…did a google search, and then found these posts. I can’t believe that Sandisk made the blink a feature. It is extremely annoying! And yeah, forget about using as a bedtime player. I really don’t want to have to tape it up.

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