Playback unterruptable (by power supply)

I have heard the Sandisk Clip supports this exclusive feature. But, I am not sure which of Clips (there is Plus and Zip)? I am therefore asking in general forum. Is it right?

Basically, I have checked all ecectronic shops in my 400k city (Tallinn) and nobody sells audio player than can stand (re)-charging. They basically switch into “Upload more audio” file management mode. I do not understand why this **bleep**ty mode is necessary (and why do you need internal memory) if player supports microSD, whose transfer rate is 10x faster in reader than through the USB (that is used for charning). I even tried external USB adapter thinking that it is USB data signals that disturb the player. No, now I know that no audio player can keep playing while charning the battery. That is why I double check before buying you stuff. I do not believe it. I do not believe that you can do impossible things, especially when they are really useful (unlike promoted embedding of SDcards that you want to sell, which only pervents their exchange and slows down the file upload speeds, is not **bleep**ing useful at all. FM Tuner is also useless feature. I have no time to listen my books and have no battaries. Why do I need the **bleep**ing tuner?). It is therefore surprising that you silence this major selling point, which would make your players unique. I cannot choose one which can play 24h, looking at your “tech specs”. I am also interested to know about tracking the last position before shut down, whether it has adjustable playback speed and what is its rewind/forward strategy. Is color of the player your major selling point? Why do you make the treasure, silence it and promote your product as typical commertial **bleep**? Or, I was milinformed indeed and you produce just a conventional bullsheet for the standard consumer sheep?

I, furthermore, heard that even most prominent mobile PC producers deny charging while PC is on. Battary is killed otherwise. Why Sandisk does not report that they have managed to overcome such crucial feature for mobile devices if they do stay operational with power cable indeed?