"Get 10% off" advertisement displayed at the top of forum webpages


You may be looking at it right now: an advertisement (“webvertisement”) at the top right corner of your page that reads “get 10% off when you buy a sansa player” and says to use promo code “FORUM210”.

I just tried this (for a Sansa Clip 4GB), and followed the ordering process all the way up to the point where payment would be submitted … at no point did it show that a 10% discount was being applied.

Anyone know what’s up?

You are the second person claiming the code does not work when trying to purchase the 4GB Clip.  I will check to see if this product is included in the promotion.

Thanks … that’d be helpful, as unfortunately the folks manning the Sansa Store phones aren’t as responsive as the folks manning the Sansa Technical Support phones (ie, no answer).

The 4GB Clip is still listed as Pre-Order and apparently the code cannot be used on Pre-Order merchandise.  Once the product is available, then the code can be used.

No specific date was given at to when it will switch to available for order.

Keep an eye out as it should be soon.

Thanks for the info.

Sandisk rocks!

I can’t get this to work on the Sansa 2GB clip either.

It might be as simple as computer character recognition: FORUM210 with the letters all in capitals.  At least, that format worked for me!  Sometimes, the site is looking for the promotional code as a password- and that particular “password” is in caps.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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