galaxy S2 Blank SD card error Sii

Notification title: Blank SD card
“SD card blank or has unsupported file system”

(clicking that notification brings pop up:)

dialog title: Format USB storage

Formatting USB storage will erase all files. Data cannot be recovered. Continue?

(OKing this brings up:)

“Preparing SD card”

Then notifies DS card blank and the scenario loops with the initial “SD card blank [etc]” notification listed above.

Already removed from phone after sim card removed error scenario, deleted all data, formatted FAT32 via PC, reinstalled in S2, formatted in S2…

I can now no longer complete the S2 format process do to the above error loop.

Please advise… I’d happily accept another card.

I downloaded “SD Insight” via google play on my S2:

info it gives:

Official SanDisk card

Model: SD32

Date: Feb2006

It’s an SDHC class 10 card widely suggested for use with S2.

Many thanks,


Apologies, the model was listed as SD032 via SD Insight app