Fuze interface when microSDHC card is used

I’m thinking of buying a Fuze, mainly because I can add memory to it, which is a great feature.  One question, though, that I don’t see answered anywhere.  From what I’ve been reading, it seems that when I want to copy MP3 files from my Windows XP computer to the Fuze, the extra memory card will appear as a separate drive.  Fine.  But once I’ve copied the files to the microSDHC card, what happens when I use the Fuze?  Will all files be integrated into a single folder system on the Fuze itself…or will there be one folder system for the built-in memory and another folder system for the card?  In other words, when I look in the “classical” genre, for instance, will ALL my classical files be in one place, or will there be one “classical” genre for the built-in memory and another “classical” genre for the card?  I sure hope it’s all integrated into one heirarchy.  It would be really stupid to have to search twice for every darn song or cut I want to find.

I hope someone can answer this question, as it may influence my decision about which brand of MP3 player to buy.



The Fuze constructs an internal database based on the tags in the music files. This database uses both internal memory and the uSD card transparently.

So if you choose ‘Music > Genres > Classical’ you will see ALL your classical files in one hierarchy as you put it.

The Fuze also has a (fake) ‘Folder’ browsing mode, that allows you to select internal or external memory seperately but that is less relevant for your question.

That’s what I was hoping to hear.  It really wouldn’t have made much sense otherwise.  (But that’s never stopped Microsh*t, among others, from doing stupid things.)

Thanks for answering my question.