Formatting a drive or device using Disk Management Fails

I got an email from Sandisk saying that to contact Forums about my problem and to provide information about my warranty status for possible replacement

This is defiantly not the process so I had SanDiks support look up your incident. You will need to reply to the incident. The information at the bottom of the email is just informing you of addition self help resources such as their knowledgeable and forums. 

Please reply to their email or log into your My SanDisk account to reply.

Forum Admin


Can i post you the whole email that i got from sandisk?

it sounds like he read the email. I have delt with sandisk for a long time and I know exactly what you are referring to and it is in their standard footer. all it says is the knowledgebase and forums are there as self help resources. Beleive slotmonsta when he says you will need to reply to the email or go to your my sandisk and reply there. this is a user forum. sandisk does not provide warranrty through this forum.