Folder Menu > "Play All" option? Subfolders?

Will the “Play All” option ever be added to the Folder Menu?

Is the “Play All” option something that cannot be added?

The Sansa Clip + had a “Play All” option when playing from the Folder Menu.

Moderators, please at least let us know if this is something that “can or cannot” be added to the Firmware.


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I’m not SanDisk, and one never knows, but I think it unlikely, as the Jam already is “fully-baked” and further has a less-powerful microprocessor which could prevent further additions.  But, as we saw in the U.S. presidential election this past week, one never knows . . . .    ;) 

One way to Play All in a Folder is to make  a playlist of the audio files in that Folder (and any sub-folders).

The Jam and Sport can optionally shuffle the playback of files in any playlist.

     BUT, playlists require decent curation of the ID3 tags of your audio files.

Sure, but it used to just be an option without the unnecessary “playlist” chore. Bad move Sansa.

Playlists are too much work.

And now the Clip Jam is not playing Podcasts in numerical order.

So wish I had bought several Clip+ when they were inexpensive!!!