FM Recording Enhancement Suggestion - Lower the bit rate?

I do a lot of FM recording. I have a Creative Nano Plus (1GB)  But, it was limited as the batteries would last but so long. Thought the e270 was the answer as it had high capacity and a rechargable battery. To my surprise, it had a limited recording time of  2 hrs 10 min (5MB per file)! I contacted support. They told me there is a MB limit per file and there was nothing they could do. So, I would have to start recording again 2hr 10 min later. If I remember!! I record two 4 hour shows 5 days per week! 

The Bit rate on the Sansa recordings are 512 Kbps! I later found out I can get 4 hours 20 minutes. (256kbps) if I record in mono. That’s higher than CD quality.

My creative records at 129kbps. Don’t see why FM or voice have to be that high of a bit rate.

My request is, can the next upgrade have a lower bit rate so it can record for longer durations. Guess I would be pushing it to ask for variable rates (good, better, best quality).


The View doesn’t appear to have a limit on file size or time length, although the downside is that it only records in .wav format.

It would be much better to be able to record in mp3 format to help keep the files managable.

Wow. Wish I had known before I replaced my lost Sansa. What about the bookmarking features? Can you go from say music to FM and back without losing song position?